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Beard Growth Oil

Beard Growth Oil

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100% Natural Beard Oil

Beard Farmer’s Growther Beard Oil is 100% natural beard oil. It is made from cold-pressed essential oils including three carrier oils as a base. The oils in our proven active ingredient list serve double duty as conditioners and moisturizers.


  • Made with non-volatile, naturally derived carrier oils from vegetarian sources that have a neutral scent.
  • Natural conditioners help to moisturize your beard and reduce breaks, split ends and bristle
  • Enjoy a softer, shinier and more manageable beard

Growth Enhances Beards

After a few weeks of treatment your beard will feel softer and be stronger due to the natural conditioners in this tested and proven formula.

  • Thousands of people have trusted Beard Farmer to help them grow and maintain their beards
  • 95% of customers noticed better growth and softer beards within three to five weeks of use
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