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Original X2000 Glue

Original X2000 Glue

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Super Glue X2000, Adhesive Super Strong Liquid - Good Adhesion Agent Stick All Materials 50g

📦 Features :
1. Applicable to all kinds of PVC plastic raw materials, leather, ceramics, wood, plastic and so on.
2. Suitable for electronic toys, jewelry, electronic components, handicrafts and so on
3. This is also a practical stationery for home office or school use.
4. Instant dry, easy to use, strong viscosity.
5. Safe for the users : Only works on organic material

♨️ Specifications:
- Color: orange
- Product size: 100x100x50mm
- Net weight: 50g

⛔ Product correct image, new, not opened
⛔ Manufacturers design bottles as shown in the picture to prevent glue spill and help glue better. But the full volume of the solution is still 50 ml
⛔ We do not sell fake or shoddy goods. Please read carefully before buying

⭕ Note When using:
‼️ The first note is the clean cleaning of the pasted surface. Please clean and dry the surface to mount.
‼️ The second note is to use a small amount of just enough for surface and after you put the small amount please wait 2-3 mins before you combined the broken object for the best results.
‼️ The third note is to avoid skin contact. If you stick to the skin, soak warm water or soap, do not use paper anhydrous.
‼️ The fourth note is For a cool dry place

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